What are Unlinked Trades?

Unlinked trades in the app are only applicable for calculating Capital Gains. Please ensure you understand how the app calculates capital gains before reading further below. 

The simplest answer is an unlinked trade is a trade that has no cost base. I.E. The unlinked trade is selling an asset (for example Bitcoin), but the app cannot find a trade where that asset (Bitcoin) was acquired before the sell date. The trade must also not have been used in another sell trade.

How do I get rid of them?

When you have unlinked trades you should be focusing on the asset being sold.

There are a few things to check when you have unlinked trades:

  1. You have entered all data. Check on the History page to make sure all trades were uploaded.
  2. Check you have also included Air Drops, Hard Forks, Staking and other methods of accumulating tokens that might not be shown as a trade on an exchange. These can be added using our Manual Trade function.
  3. Check that there wasn’t a code change (either a rebranding of the coin/token or different codes used between multiple exchanges).
  4. Check you have not margin traded – specifically short-selling. Due to the nature of short selling it usually appears as making a sell trade first and a purchase trade later. If you have spoken to an accountant and are sure you want to calculate capital gains please send us a ticket and we will manually run this.