The easiest way to export your data from Kucoin into the Sublime IP Web App is to follow the 40 second video. The steps are outlined below for your convenience too.

Kucoin Import Steps

  1. Login to Kucoin
  2. From the main menu click the button to take you to your account overview (top-right, next to the Logout button with a Power icon)
  3. Click “Trade History” from the sub-menu
  4. Click the “Export to CSV” button
  5. Click “Confirm” in the pop-up
  6. Wait for the file to be generated. A pop-up window will appear on the right-hand side when complete with a Download button. It will also email you a download link once the file is ready.
  7. Unzip the CSV file (we suggest WinRAR)
  8. Import the CSV file into Sublime IP’s Web App.