Create a BTCmarkets Read-Only API Key

Step 1) Click “Add new API Key” on

After you are logged in you can either click the link above or…

1) Click “Account”from the main menu

2) Click “API Key” from the sub-menu on the Account page

3) Click “Add new API Key”

Step 2) Select “Read Only” for all fields and click “Submit”

While we attempt to secure all your data we cannot guarantee security. Therefore we only work with read-only API keys to reduce potential collateral risk.

Step 3) Fill in your 2 Factor Authentication Code

This is only applicable if you have setup 2 factor authentication for your BTCmarkets account.

Step 4) Copy and paste the Private Key to the Sublime App

Note that this code cannot be viewed again! If you did not take a copy of the Private Key then you will need to create an entirely new API key.

Step 5) Copy and paste the Public Key to the Sublime App

Click the eye icon and then select, copy and paste the public key