Create a Binance Read-Only API Key

Step 1) Login to your account in Binance and click “ex” above


Step 2) Click API Documentation in the drop down menu


Step 3) Give the API key a label

  • You can label it how you wish, but naming it “Sublime Tax API Key” is clear enough.


Step 4) Click Send SMS

  • If you have 2-factor authentication enabled you will need to input that as well


Step 5) Enter the SMS Code you received from your phone


Step 6) Go to your email address for confirmation

  • You will receive an email regarding the new API key you want to create

Step 7) Click Confirm new API key

  • This will open a new tab and you will be redirected to the Binance API key management page

Step 8) Click Edit Restrictions

Step 9) Uncheck Enable Trading

Step 10) Click Save