Importing your Data to

Step 1) Go to the Exports page in Sublime IP and download the CSV

It will pull all trade/staking/airdrop data we have for your account across all financial years

Step 2) Go to the Imports page in CTC and search Sublime IP in exchanges

Click the dropdown for Sublime IP that will appear

Step 3) Upload the CSV you downloaded in Step 1


  • If you had negative balances anywhere on Sublime IP the figures will be different on CTC because CTC treats a negative balance as having a $0 cost basis
  • Ensure you use the same algorithm (First In First Out, Last In First Out, etc) you used on Sublime IP on CTC
  • If you used a fee currency that was different to your traded currencies (E.g. BNB on Binance) there will be a variation

Finding the Asset Ledger Page

On Sublime IP there was a page to view transactions for an asset. CTC has this function too which can be accessed using the following steps.

Step 2) Tick “Cryptocurrency”, Select the asset from the dropdown and click “Done”

Identifying Problems With Trade Data

Sublime IP highlighted negative balances on the ledger page and unlinked trades. CTC utilises the Transactions page where you can filter by errors.

Step 2) Tick “Errors”, Select the error type from the dropdown and click “Done”

Retrieving Figures from CTC

Sublime IP operated off of a main dashboard page to show the figures. CTC uses the Reports page where you can select the financial year and algorithm to calculate figures. Figures are calculated on the fly in CTC whereas Sublime IP ran a back-end process that sometimes required manual initiation.

Step 1) Go to the Report page, Select the Financial Year and Algorithm

Calculations will be performed on the fly.