We are ending support for our platform!


If you have paid for FY2019/20 on Sublime IP we can provide you a 100% off voucher to CryptoTaxCalculator.io for the financial year. To redeem the voucher:

1) Sign Up for CryptoTaxCalculator.io (you can use the same or a different account)

2) Login to the Sublime IP app and click “My Account” from the main menu.

3) Under “Account Information” you can find a code with the label “CryptoTaxCalculator.io Code”.

4) Copy and Paste it into CryptoTaxCalculator on the payment page in the “Coupon” field. It should apply a 100% discount.

Note: CryptoTaxCalculator.io does run on a subscription basis and will still require a credit/debit card.


Need Support/Help?

If you do not see a code, but have paid for FY2019/20 then please send an email to cryptosupport@sublimeip.com and we will verify and arrange it for you.