An Australian Cryptocurrency Tax Tool

The boom of cryptocurrency trading has made it imperative to understand cryptocurrency trading. However, this can be impossibly complex and a big time sink. Cue the Sublime IP Tax Tool!

How Does the App Work?

Step 1

Upload Data Directly From Exchanges. AUD values are searched automatically.

Step 2

Clean the data using the sanity-checks to highlight inconsistencies for the client.

Step 3

Download the Relevant Detailed and Summarised Spreadsheets (CGT or P/L)

Don't have the Time?

Send the files to us and we will do it for you – Guaranteed Fast Turnaround.

Dozens of Exchanges

Data direct from the exchanges

We gather data from CSV’s, Excel files and the exchange API directly, convert to AUD values and automate capital gains values and revenue statements to make your life easier.

How do We…

Convert to AUD Values

Where are we pulling our data from to arrive at an AUD value?

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Calculate Business P/L

What do our revenue statement numbers mean exactly?

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Calculate CGT

The specific mathematics behind how we calculate CGT.

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Ensure Data Integrity

What logical tests are run to catch omissions and errors?

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Chat to Us – We’re Local.

We have live-chat available during business hours and are freely accessible via phone to help you and answer any questions you have about the app and our calculations.

Sublime IP is a member of the ADCA Tax Working Group.

More can be read about the working group here.

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